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Kezzas Suitcase xx

My life was changed forever in 2015. I was fortunate enough to visit a little village called Praiano on the beautiful Amalfi Coast. As I took my first breath of its warm sea air, my soul let out a big sigh of relief….I was ‘home’. My soul was at peace.

This is me......

About: Kezzas Suitcase

Now it’s one thing to have found ‘home’, it’s a totally different thing to actually living there – especially when its across the other side of the world. I keep going back: drawn to its charm, its authenticity, to the characters that live there. I have ‘family’ there now. One day soon I hope, it will be home in all senses of the word.

And so this is how ‘Kezzas Suitcase’ came about – my absolute love and passion for the Amalfi Coast and in particular, Praiano.

As well as a lot of practical information about the Amalfi coast, I hope as time goes on to not only inspire my readers to visit here but to inspire them to travel in general, to explore, to seek the unknown….to live inspired: travel inspired xx

Baby steps so far….but about to take a giant leap!

Life goals (Kezzas Suitcase: about)

A few of my faves...

Favourite colour: teal (Kezzas Suitcase: about)
Favourite country: Italy (Kezzas Suitcase: about)
Favourite season: Autumn or Fall (Kezzas Suitcase: about)

A little more background...

  • Lives in Melbourne, Australia, on the Mornington Peninsula
  • Graduated from Monash University with a degree in Science with Honours in Immunoloy
  • Graduated from Holmesglen College of Tafe with a Diploma of Architectural Drafting
  • Mother to 5 amazing kids
  • Hates having her photo taken

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